Murgon Real Estate manage more than 150 rental properties in Murgon. And you can find out what properties we have available at any time by simply clicking "Rentals" on the Quick Search box at left.

In order to rent a property through us, though, you need to go through a few formalities. These include:

  • Completing a formal Application For Residential Tenancy (available further below in PDF and Microsoft Word format)

  • Supplying enough identification to pass a 100-point check (explained further below), and

  • Supplying us with some additional details so that we know who to contact in the event of an emergency

100-Point Check

The purpose of the 100-point check is to verify that you're who you claim to be. Here's how you can gather 100 points:
  • Your last 4 rent receipts - 50 points

  • 2 personal references (not from relatives) - 30 points each

  • 2 references from prior landlords/agents - 25 points each

  • Driver's licence/passport - 20 points each

  • Current motor vehicle registration papers - 10 points

  • Electricity or phone account - 10 points each

  • Credit card or bank statement - 10 points each

Application Form

To save you time, you can obtain a copy of our standard Application For Residential Tenancy right here in either Adobe PDF format or Microsoft Word format (just click to download the type you prefer).

Filling this out and signing it before you visit us with your ID helps us to get you into a rental property much more quickly!

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