Murgon is a wonderful place to live - and it's far from being the quiet rural backwater that some people might expect! In fact, Murgon is located in one of the few genuine rural growth areas in Queensland.

Over the decade between 1991 and 2001 Murgon Shire's population increased at an average annual rate of 2.3% (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics) while unemployment fell from 17.5% in 1991 to 4.9% in 2001 - a figure that's well below the Queensland average unemployment rate of 8.2%

Roughly 20% of the Shire uses the Internet right now (a figure that's rising all the time). And the median age of the Shire's population is a very young 31.

The Home Of Wines & Lakeland Tourism
At least part of the reason for these surprising figures is the steady growth of our winery and tourism industries, both of which are becoming major employers in their own right.

Murgon is home to some of the South Burnett's biggest vineyards (including Clovely Estate, whose annual harvest is bigger than all the vineyards in the Granite Belt combined).

We also have our own Shakin' Grape Wine Festival each October. And Goomeri - the acknowledged antiques capital of the region which is already famous for its whacky, off-the-wall Pumpkin Festival every May - is just a short distance away.

Meanwhile, the nearby Bjelke-Petersen Dam and Lake Barambah have steadily developed into one of the major inland waterways of the State. The Dam now hosts several big fishing and boating spectaculars each year, drawing literally tens of thousands of holiday-makers to the area.

These developments not only make Murgon a great place to enjoy a relaxed country lifestyle - they also make it a great place to invest for business reasons too. And if you're interested in more statistics about Murgon, you can get the 2001 ABS Census figures for our Shire from this web site (appears in a new window).

The photos on this page
help give you a glimpse of Murgon's many attractions - from Lake Barambah (above) to the vineyards and our annual Shakin Grape Wine Festival held every October (see photos at right).

Murgon is a great place to live with a b-i-g future ahead of it. Come up and see for yourself!

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